Across the Bay 10K is excited to be the largest cup-less race on record anywhere! It’s good for our beautiful Chesapeake Bay and for our participants.

What is cup-less racing?
A cup-less race means that there will be no paper water cups between the start and the finish line like you’d typically see at road races.

Will there be fluids on the course?
There will be water available in the start area. On the course, there will be self-serve refill stations that can also be accessed like a water fountain. At the finish line, each runner will get water.

How do I get water on the course?
Participants will be responsible for carrying their own container with them during the event or stopping by our water station at the midway point on the bridge for a sip. Handheld containers can include a bike bottle, a hand-held running bottle, Camel-bak, or any type of non-glass water bottle of your choosing.

Hydration Restriction: This event is a “cup less” race. Hydration is provided to runners on the bridge in the form of water fountains. You may also carry a handheld water bottle. We do not provide cups of water on the course.

Are there any items not allowed?
While any bottle, hydration belt, system or hand held hydration system is allowed, please note that the following items WILL NOT be permitted on the bridge:

What’s Allowed:

  • Registered Participants (Must wear Bib)
  • Fanny Packs
  • Hydration Belts or Packs
  • Cups or Bike Bottles
  • One-Gallon Clear Bags

What’s NOT Allowed:

  • Selfie Sticks
  • Backpacks for Gear
  • Glass Containers
  • Weapons of Any Kind
  • Facemasks
  • Flags exceeding 11”x17”
  • Drones

All bags are subject to search. Race officials reserve the right to disallow ANY item at their sole discretion. We are not responsible for any lost/stolen/damaged items.